IRC101IRCConnect to IRC Gives you access to the networkFree Tech Support and Services
Liberty ShellUnixSign up for a Liberty Shell free space to host your needsFree Liberty Shell
Unix101UnixLearn the Command Line knowledge about how everything worksUnlock Minutemin Path
BouncerIRCBouncer Tutorial 24/7 logs of the IRCFree Bouncer
ServicesIRCIRC Services Auto Voice/OpRegister Username and Channel
Channel OpIRCManage Channels Your own channelsUnlock Op of Liberty Path
Welcome!CivicsImmigrant's Welcome nice users 
IRCNow GoalsCivicsLearn IRCNow Project Goals ideas to helpUnlocks Netizenship Path
Congress ProcedureCivicsLearn about procedure in Congress   
Learn viShellLearn viFilesFile abilitiesCreate and Edit Files
Learn mg?ShellLearn mg (emacs clone)FilesMore file abilitiesCreate and Edit Files
Unix filesystem?ShellLearn the Unix FilesystemSSH connectionKnowledge about our system 
File commands?ShellCreate, delete, move, and edit filesSSH connectionKnowledge about files 
Commands?ShellLearn about commands and where to find helpSSH connectionKnowledge about all commands 
Symbolic LinksBSDCreate symbolic links  Create symbolic links
Install EggdropIRCInstall EggdropEggdrop Create First IRC Bot
Eggdrop RSSIRCSet up Eggdrop RSS News FeedEggdrop Create IRC News Channel
Eggdrop Trivia?IRCSet up Eggdrop Trivia GameEggdrop Create IRC Trivia Game
Duck Hunt?IRCSet up Eggdrop Duck HuntEggdrop Create IRC Duck Hunt
Install ZNCIRCInstall ZNCShell accountYour own BouncerCreate your own ZNC
Install psyBNCIRCInstall psybncYour own vpsYour own BouncerCreate your own ZNC
Setup ngIRCd?IRCSet up Chat Server with ngIRCdYour own vpsYour own BouncerCreate your own ZNC
Configure MuttIRCSet Up Command-line EmailYour own vpsSet Up Email AccountSet Up Email
Become a NetizenCivics    
Netizen RightsCivics    
User FreedomCivics    
DNS OverviewDNSLearn the Domain Name System   
DNS RecordsDNSUnderstand DNS Record Types   
vhostConfigure vhost   Unlock Custom Vhost
OpenSSHSecurityConfigure and connect using ssh  Login to server securely
Generate SSH KeysSecurityGenerate SSH keys  Login to server securely
SSH keysSecurityVerify ssh keys  Connect to server securely