Create a new user for psybnc:

$ doas useradd -m -g=uid -c "psybnc" -d /home/psybnc -s /bin/ksh psybnc
$ doas adduser
$ doas su psybnc

Install c-ares then build psybnc:

$ doas pkg_add libcares
$ cd ~
$ ftp
$ tar zxf psyBNC-2.4BETA2.tar.gz
$ rm psyBNC-2.4BETA2.tar.gz
$ cd psybnc
$ make

Inside psybnc.conf:


Run psybnc:

$ ./psybnc

It is possible then you may wish to see rcd? to add psybnc to system startup.

When interacting with psybnc

NICK nickname USER nickname nickname :nickname

all fields must be filled in -- it checks ident for login

To change nicks on a different network: /nick #ircnow~jrmu

I could not figure out how to send a raw command to a specific network, so I just made ircnow the main network

to send a privmsg to a specific network /query #network~nickname hello, world! /query #ircnow~Nickserv identify password

To add a network: /quote addnetwork network

For no SSL:

/quote addserver :6667

For SSL:

/quote addserver :6697

Be careful, if it defaults to IPv4 and you attempt to connect IPv6, psybnc crashes each and every time you load it