Admin Forces

Admin forces are highly trained and disciplined professionals who are dedicated to serving users.

Your Reward

  1. Become staff on IRCNow
  2. Learn BSD sysadmin
  3. Hang out with a community of like-minded BSD enthusiasts
  4. Improve freedom on the internet
  5. Add a new work experience for your CV/resume
  6. Earn income from sales

Admins are welcome to keep any income from sales after paying for hardware expenses.

How to Apply

  1. Join us over on IRC on one of our servers on #team
  2. Send an email to
  3. If you have your own OpenBSD servers, you can use your own hardware.
  4. We can provide an OpenBSD virtual private server if you can provide verification using one of the methods below:
    1. Find a mutual friend who can refer you to IRCNow staff, OR
    2. Contribute 2 wiki articles, OR
    3. Share a code project you've worked on, OR
    4. Share a personal social media/website/blog you write for
  5. You get two weeks to complete your first task in the training. As you finish tasks, you get bonus extensions of time.
  6. After you finish training, you'll get interviewed; if you qualify, you'll be promoted to staff!

Your Duties

  1. Keep in regular contact with us on IRC and email
  2. Commit to help your team as many hours as needed to complete your duty
  3. Finish the training.
  4. Help with user support, documentation, and basic coding