• one account, unlimited uptime and storage
  • free of charge, with free software
  • real time support from IRCNow over live chat

How to register for this service

To get started with a free bouncer, connect to our live chat server (IRC server) ircs:// and /join #ircnow. Then, ask for an e-mail account, and we will create it for you promptly and help you with the setup.

How to configure your e-mail client

We offer webmail and support the following clients:

  - Gmail?
  - Outlook
  - Thunderbird?
  - K-9 Mail?
  - Apple Mail?
  - Claws Mail?
  - Mutt?
  - fdm?
  - Tencent Mail?
  - android email app?

example: Setting up email in the email app on Android

Step 1 - Open the email app

Step 2 - Tap Add new account

Step 3 - Enter your email and password (sign in)

         Password:         ********

         incoming mail server
         IMAP server     :
         Port            : 143
         Security type   : STARTTLS
         IMAP path prefix: Optional

         Outgoing mail server
         SMTP server     :
         Port            : 587
         Security type   : STARTTLS

Step 4 - Done!