1. Recruit new teammates
  2. Train teammates in the OpenBSD software stack
  3. Update your team's server page to show what services you offer
  4. Update wiki pages to improve it for other sysadmins

Jan 2021 to Dec 2021

  1. Acquire users
  2. Provide znc accounts
    1. Install and configure bitlbee
  3. Provide shell accounts
  4. Provide web hosting
    1. Create a new user and either allow shell access or use an sftp chroot
    2. Offer pmwiki for each user
    3. Offer PHP web hosting
    4. Offer BCHS web hosting
      1. Use undeadly's source code for blogs
      2. Alternatively, use centroid's source code for blogs
      3. Use gotweb for version control
  5. Provide eggdrop
  6. Provide file hosting
    1. Use openrsync?, support rsync
    2. Support sftp and scp?
  7. Provide VPN hosting
    1. Support IKED
    2. Eventually, support wireguard?
  8. Provide mail hosting
    1. Configure opensmtpd, dovecot
    2. Find a spam solution, possibly using spamd?
  9. Improve security:
    1. Set up server firewalls
    2. Harden shell accounts
    3. Set up DNS blacklists
    4. Implement quotas

Jan 2022 to December 2022

  1. Patch ngircd:
    1. Add support for ilines
    2. Toggle +r user mode based as determined by open proxy monitors
    3. Fix buffer exhausted errors
    4. Add ELIST functionality for IRCCloud since this client cannot use /list
    5. Add defcon mode
    6. Add /ns and /cs aliases
  2. Improve botnow?, a script for registering IRCNow services
    1. Add support for instant registration of shell accounts
    2. Add support for automatic eggdrop compilation and configuration
  3. Add interactive UNIX tutorials for shell account users
  4. Add interactive VPS tutorials for teammates
  5. Update website theme
  6. Create disaster recovery plan
    1. Automated backups / restore testing
  7. Setup opensnmpd? for alert monitoring
  8. Patch identd to allow spoofing
  9. CGI script to view znc logs


  1. Improve security:
    1. Automate check for abusive processes/malware on shell accounts
    2. Use Yahoo's NSFW bot to scan for banned content
  2. Write interactive C programming tutorials
  3. Switch services from anope to fork of achurch
  4. Switch open proxy monitor from hopm to fork of acopm
  5. Encourage use of psybnc instead of znc
    1. Add playback feature to psybnc
    2. Allow searching of old IRC history
    3. Fix IPv6 connection issues with psybnc
    4. Add NickServ modules that 'just works' across all major IRC networks
  6. Add new features to achurch:
    1. MemeServ
    2. HoneyServ
    3. PasteServ
    4. TrapServ
    5. FileServ
    6. KeyServ
  7. Provide telephony using SIP
    1. Setup asterisk?
    2. Provide free sip accounts
    3. Register DIDs
    4. Provide free TURN/STUN servers
  8. Write web IRC app


  1. Get our IRC network listed
    1., mIRC, androIRC
    3. Get listed on