BotNow: A versatile IRC bot

Catagories: bots, perl

A versatile IRC bot written in Perl, designed to be a replacement for eggdrop.


  1. Easy to assemble into a botnet
  2. Easy to connect to multiple networks
  3. Easily script using any interpreted language (python, perl, shell, javascript, tcl)
  4. Compatible with existing eggdrop tcls
  5. Simplified configuration
  6. Track user metadata to prevent abuse, including IRC, email, and www metadata
  7. Easily load modules


  1. BNC -- Request bouncers
  2. Shell -- Request shell accounts
  3. DNS -- Assign DNS and rDNS entries
  4. Storage -- Store user data in flat files or databases
  5. Help -- Provide help info
  6. VPN -- Request VPNs
  7. Email -- Request email accounts and track email metadata
  8. Login -- Reset password and change registration info
  9. WWW -- Track web client metadata
  10. Log -- Log messages
  11. Relay -- relay messages across multiple networks

Catagories: bots, perl