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Setting ChanServ on your channels allow you to set modes and your rules to manage it, even after you got disconnected. first, join the channel you want to get chanserv on it. this usually done by

/join #yourchannelname

if it didn't worked, check your client manual.

then, check if that channel is not registered by someone else, by msg-ing chanserv info #yourchannelname

/msg chanserv info #yourchannelname

if it has been taken by someone else, it will show something like this:

-ChanServ( Information for channel #yourchannelname:
-ChanServ(      Founder: me
-ChanServ(  Description: yeah, that's my channel.
-ChanServ(   Registered: Jul 20 06:34:21 2018 PDT (2 years ago)
-ChanServ(    Last used: Jul 20 06:39:35 2022 PDT (now)
-ChanServ(     Ban type: 2
-ChanServ(    Mode lock: +nt
-ChanServ(      Options: Peace, Security, Secure founder, Signed kicks, Topic retention
-ChanServ(   Last topic: channel's last topic
-ChanServ( Topic set by: me

it says this channel has taken by someone with nick "me". in that case choose another name. if it has not taken by someone else, it should show something like that:

-ChanServ( Channel #yourchannelname isn't registered.

in that case, you can take it. however, some networks doesn't allow some names for channels, ask admins of your network about that. for registering your channel into chanserv, do the following:

/msg chanserv register #yourchannelname this is my channel

it registers #yourchannelname, under your current nick and with description "this is my channel"