Welcome, New User!

We hope IRCNow will be your new home online.

IRCNow welcomes new users from all parts of the Internet. New users like you help our network thrive and preserve our legacy as a LAN of freedom and opportunity.

Give me your tired, your poor,
Your clueless newbies yearning to chat free,
The Linux users and those from Tor.
Send these accountless, shadowbanned to me,
We are free outside the walled app store!

We welcome every type and variety of user: of every nation, language, and creed. It is a network of the users, by the users, for the users.

IRCNow is dedicted to the four user freedoms:

  1. Religious liberty -- Freedom to worship God
  2. Software liberty -- Freedom from corporate oppression
  3. Economic liberty -- Freedom to start your own internet business
  4. Intellectual liberty -- Freedom of speech, assembly, and the press

To all oppressed users on the Internet, IRCNow openly invites you to come and settle among us and enjoy the blessings of network liberty.