Techs should factor.

Techs should factor.
For example, find | xargs | tar | gzip should work.
tar -z DIR is convenient, but what happens when xz --block-list comes along and you also want find -name '*.png'?

This principle has both agreements and disagreements with the UNIX Philosophy.
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  • Agree: Programs should work well together.
  • Agree: Try to design the output of one program to be the input of another
  • Revise: Avoid Factor interactive input.
  • Revise: Avoid Factor feature creep.
  • Disagree: Do one thing and do it well What "one" "thing" "well" is is domain-specific.
  • Disagree: Use text as an interface The choice of interfaces (types) is domain-specific.
Techs should factor.
Techs should factor.

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IRCNow wants YOU to host it!

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