Minutemin Bootcamp

IRC101?Connect to IRCIRCIRCFree Tech Support and Services
Liberty ShellSign up for a Liberty ShellUnixEggdrop, ZNC, PsyBNC 
Unix101Learn the Command LineUnix Patriot Lvl 1
Unix201?Understand Network CivicsCivics Patriot Lvl 2
Unix301?Learn the Unix Work EthicUnixMinuteminCustom vhost
Unix401?Shell ScriptShell  
Unix501?Perl ScriptPerl  
Unix601?Program in CC  
IRCNow GoalsLearn IRCNow Project GoalsCivics VPN
IRCNow RoadmapPlan the IRCNow RoadmapCivics  
User FreedomLearn Network PrinciplesCivicsOps of Liberty 
IRCNow ConstitutionUnderstand the ConstitutionCivicsMinutemin ApplicationAcquire Netizenship (+v voice)
Code of HonorRecite the Minutemin CodeUnix   
Give yourself root powers using doas   
Patch your system using syspatch
Read about basic TCP/IP networking
Read about IPv4 networking
Read about IPv6 networking
ImmigrantComes From the Old NetworkNoneNone
PatriotDeclares Independence from Silicon ValleyNoneIRCitizen
MinuteminServer Heroes of FreedomSysadminAdmin Powers
PioneerNetwork PioneersExploreExplorer
SheriffReports Network OutlawsSecurityPolice Powers
InventorUnix InventorsCodingRepo Privs
JudgeInterpret Network LawLawJudge
SenatorWrites Network LawLawVoting


Bonus TypeLimitDescription
password reset  
+1 bncmax 2Free ZNC
+1 liberty shellmax 2Free Shell
custom vhost  
custom domain  
+1 SSL cert  
+v voice (netizen) Netizen
+h halfop Patriot
+o op Op of Liberty
+a admin  
+q founder  
+znc admin  
+1 email  
+1 eggdrop  
+1 support email  
+1 VPN  
+1 GB file storage  
+1 nntp account  
+1 minetest server  
+1 Homestead VPS  
+1 Public VPS  
Resume Referral  
Ally Network  
Promote to Minutemin  
Promote to Governor  
+1 dedicated server  
Gry AdamsNetwork Lawyer and Serverwoman, Champion of Due Process and the Presumption of Innocence 
Benjamin SocialAuthor of Poor Rtalk's Almanack, Defender of the Free Press, Network Diplomat 
Error HamiltonNetwork News Publisher, Established Central Cryptobank, Argued for Strong Federal Network 
John JayFirst Chief Justice, Advocated for Strong Centralized ID System 
Thomas JeffersonAuthor of the Unix Declaration of Independence, Supporter of immigrants and republicanism 
James MadisonDrafted the IRCNow Constitution and Bill of Rights, co-wrote the Federation Papers 
Subline HenryBot Plantation Owner and Passionate Orator for Decentralization 
Samuel AdamsLeader of the Libre Tea Party Movement to Dump Non-free Software 
Miniontoby HancockMinetest Merchant and Discord Smuggler, First Signer of Network Independence 
BlackbeardTorrenting Pirate on the Eye Are Seas 
Walter Raleigh  
Captain John Smith  
Roger WilliamsCampaigned for fair dealings with Native IRCians and abolition of non-free software 
Quo-fan PennEarly Network Pioneer who Argued for Freedom of Religion 
Daniel BooneFolk hero for exploring and settling the IRC Frontier 
Eli Whitney  
William BrewsterMayflower User of Plymouth Server Searching for Religious Liberty 

dennis fizi Quo-fan bangcat Chewbakka85 Decoy Fear nix Thor AlienData_Josh

LibertyFreedom of Religion and the PressNetwork TyrantMass SurveillanceDictator for LifeBDFLLimited FreedomSome ElectionsFree Network
EcosystemThe LAN of OpportunityArbitrary Seizure  Walled Garden  The Startup Dream
UnityUnited We Serve, Divided we FaultNetwork Civil WarUser RiotsUser ProtestsUser GossipIndifferenceServer HarmonyProud to be an IRCitizen
VirtueOne Network Under GodCriminal Investigation for Mass ShootingCesspool: Blocked by Major ISPsIndecent: Negative PublicityUnrulyOrderlySafe for WorkBeacon of Liberty
New UsersSend these accountless, shadowbanned to meSplinternetn00b Exclusion Act Echo Chamber Melting PotLAN rush
PrivacyUsers have a right to be secure in their personal dataPrivacy Disaster: US Congress SubpoenaPrivacy Danger: GDPR lawsuitsPrivacy Warning: COPPA violation and finesLimited Privacy: Some Harassment and BullyingPartial Anonymity: Suitable for childrenStrong anonymity: Resistant to cancel cultureTotal Anonymity; Safe for political dissidents
Security/home of the braveRemote BackdoorUnpatched system0day VunerabilitiesInsecureLimited SecurityMostly SecureSecure by Default
IndependenceA Free and Independent NetworkDeplatformedDomain SeizedAccounts BannedPosts Censored3rd Party DependenciesPartial IndependenceIndependent
PolicyModifiersSpecial Effects
Censorship Policy
Ban Politics/Religion-2 Liberty 
Ban Discrimination-1 Liberty, +1 Unity 
Freedom of Religion and the Press+2 Liberty, +1 Virtue, +1 New Users, -1 Unity 
Encourage the Bible+1 Virtue 
NSFW Filter+1 Virtue, +1 Unity, -1 New Users 
Privacy Policy
Real Name Policy-2 Privacy, +1 SecurityCan Report Abusers
SMS Verification-1 PrivacyFewer Clones
Tor Support+2 Privacy, -1 SecurityIncrease in Abuse
Anonymous Staff+1 Privacy, -1 Security 
Ban Advertising-2 Ecosystem, -1 Liberty, +2 Privacy 
Server Software
Cloud Hosting-3 Independence, -2 Privacy, -1 SecurityImproved Uptime
Linux with SystemD-1 Independence, -1 Security 
OpenBSD+1 IndependenceAll projects take 2x longer
OpenBSD Fork+2 IndependenceAll projects take 3x longer
Web Software
Require Chrome/Firefox-2 Independence, -1 New Users50% Faster Development
WebSockets-1 Independence, -1 New Users25% Faster Development
Require Javascript-1 Independence, +1 New Users
Telegram/Matrix/Fediverse/Discord Bridge-1 Independence, -1 Liberty, +1 Ecosystem, +1 New Users 
Copyright Licenses
Ethical License-2 Liberty, -2 EcosystemAuthors can arbitrarily revoke licenses
AGPL-1 EcosystemAlways requires sharing
GPL Requires sharing when copying
IRCNow/BSD License+1 EcosystemFree to reuse for any purpose
Service Providers
Cloudflare-2 IndependenceRisk of Deplatforming
New TLDs-1 IndependenceNew TLDs Easily Seized
Youtube/Facebook Integration-1 Independence, -1 Liberty, +1 New UsersRisk of Deplatforming
Accept Paypal-1 Independence, -1 PrivacyPaypal can seize assets
Programming Software
Rust/Go/Python/NodeJS-1 Independence, +1 New UsersLanguages Controlled by Monopolies
Provide Matrix/Fediverse Server-2 Independence, +1 New Users 
Provide XMPP Server-1 Independence, +1 New Users 

Liberty, Ecosystem, Unity, Virtue, New Users, Privacy, Security, Independence

Setting up IRC

  1. Setup ngircd, your IRC server
  2. Configure hopm, an open proxy monitor that detects and bans spammers

Network Troubleshooting

  1. Troubleshoot networking applications with netcat
  2. Troubleshoot basic networking connectivity with ping
  3. Troubleshoot DNS servers and records with dig

Setting up SSL

  1. Configure your webserver, openhttpd
  2. Get an SSL certificate to go with your web server with acme-client

Customizing your Web Server

  1. Set up and configure PHP
  2. Install PMWiki, your own private wiki

Installing a Bouncer

  1. Set up znc, a bouncer we will provide for users
  2. Configure relayd as a reverse proxy for your znc web panel
  3. Set up oidentd, which is needed to prevent abuse for the bouncer

Configuring DNS

  1. Learn about DNS fundamentals
  2. Learn how to configure a vhost
  3. Troubleshoot DNS issues with host and dig
  4. Configure your local caching nameserver using unbound
  5. Configure your authoritative nameserver, nsd.

Configuring Networking

  1. Configure new IPv6 addresses
  2. Test basic connectivity with ping

Setting up a Mail Server

  1. Configure OpenSMTPd, our mail server
  2. Configure SPF, DKIM, and DMARC
  3. Send an email message to your personal email address such as Gmail or Outlook. Also practice sending a message from your personal email to your mail server.
  4. Double check to ensure you do not have an open mail relay?
  5. Install and configure Dovecot, our IMAP server. Connect your email client to the server

Congratulations! Join the Team!

  1. Read up on team procedure.
    1. and Stable server protocol.
    2. and Testing? server protocol.

Please continue with ongoing training.