Team Procedure:

  1. All actions must be logged in your team's wiki pages
  2. For each action taken, report it on IRC to your team channel
  3. For major changes, email the entire team by sending to
  4. Read all of the scrollback in the IRC team channel and read all team emails every day
  5. Check your email daily
  6. When editing a config, save a backup copy with a timestamp and serial number. For example, doas cp doas.conf doas.conf.2020123100
  7. The team leader should assigned each team member separate tasks to avoid collision
  8. If you need to work on another team member's task, make sure to notify that team member in advance
  9. Before any changes that may cause downtime for users, make sure to announce to everyone on your IRC channels and /msg *status broadcast <msg> on ZNC at least ten minutes in advance.


  1. Be present on #ircnow on the networks you claim and help with customer support
  2. Be present on #opers for sensitive oper-related discussion
  3. Be present on #wheel to meet new teammates in training


  1. Log in to your own ZNC server every day. You should use the same ZNC that you provide to your users. That way, if there are any bugs, you will notice them right away.
  2. Each day, check /home/znc/home/znc/.znc/moddata/adminlog/znc.log to check for any connection issues.
  3. If you see a user with frequent disconnects, fix his network connection for him.
  4. If you see a user GLINEd, you need to either investigate abuse or request an iline.


  1. All team members must check emails daily