Apply to be an IRC Sheriff

Howdy stranger, we need your help. Billy the Skid and his band of cutthroats are DDoSing the town. The network's deserted. These hombres are mean, vicious and quick with botnets.

Wanted: doxed or offline

How the West was Won

If you want to help stop internet crime, take script kiddies offline, and investigate abuse, this is the job for you.

Your Reward

  1. Become staff on IRCNow
  2. Free OpenBSD VPS
  3. Learn about Internet security using free and open source software.
  4. Receive extra accounts and services as needed
  5. Hang out with friends while improving IRC
  6. Add a new work experience for your CV/resume
  7. Help improve freedom on the internet

We may someday pay salaries to our staff, but we cannot afford to do so at this time.

How to Apply

  1. Become familiar with our goals for IRC and our commitment to user freedom.
  2. Understand our technology and software.
  3. Read the policing guide
  4. Contact us on IRC or email your application to Sheriffs can remain anonymous.
  5. We'll interview you, and if you are qualified, you'll be promoted to sheriff!

Your Duties

  1. Commit to help our network for a minimum of 5 hours per week
  2. Get to know all the networks on IRC.
  3. Investigate suspected abusers by collecting logs, screenshots, and other evidence
  4. File abuse reports to ISPs to take abusers offline


  1. Track our progress on the roadmap
  2. See the report on IRCNow Finances