Roadmap for 2022

Developer training

  1. Create irc101? intro course
  2. Create channel oper course
  3. Create Unix 201 shell scripting course?
  4. Create C programming? tutorial
  5. Create lua programming? tutorial
  6. Create lisp programming? tutorial
  7. Create 9 101 course?
  8. Update perl101 programming tutorial
  9. Update Unix 101 tutorial
  10. Work on new software projects

User services

  1. Fix liberty shell, znc requests bot
  2. Update guides for znc, shell, email, vpn, xmpp
  3. Automate VPS request bot
  4. Provide automated eggdrops
  5. Offer BCHS web hosting
    1. undeadly's source code for blogs
    2. centroid's source code for blogs
  6. Provide file hosting with http, sftp, ftp, openrsync and rsync access.
  7. Provide IPSec VPNs with IKED
  8. Provide mail hosting
  9. Implement voting system using mailing list archives
  10. Offer code hosting with got and cvs
  11. Provide telephony using SIP using asterisk (include free public phone number)


  1. Create codeforce? training program
  2. Create sons of liberty? guide
  3. Create security team?
  4. Document cloud9p network

Server Independence

Each team should work towards financial independence. We can then transfer legal ownership to each team.

Here are some approaches to revenue:

  1. User subscriptions/memberships
    1. Extra storage
    2. Extra bandwidth
    3. VPS hosting
  2. User donations and organizational sponsorships
  3. Fees on 3rd party transactions
    1. Provide an IRC marketplace and cryptocoin payment platform
    2. Provide an IRC platform for developers of IRC bots and games
    3. Provide a platform for advertisers (require user consent)