Cloud9p Roadmap and Goals

  • Create and update documentation for the various components involved (plan9 resource sharing, iked, etc.)
    • site-to-site iked
    • road warrior vpns
    • openBGPd
    • pf (packet filter)
  • Determine where the necessary components will run (Physical servers, VPSes, added to existing servers or as separate ones, etc.)
  • Compile a list of teams/team members interested in joining first test network
  • Set up a testing ground to prototype, test, and refine the overall configuration
  • Document the server-side configuration (should be done concurrently with prototyping etc. above)
  • Refine client-side configuration and document it, starting with OpenBSD clients
  • Test and document client-side possibilities on other OSes and with other software (low priority)
  • Implement the server-side setup in production

Feel free to add or suggest additional items, add detail where you are capable, etc.