Become an Op of Liberty!

You can apply to become an Op of Liberty:

Your Reward

  1. Get oper power on your team's server
  2. Get channel op for your team's networks
  3. Help improve IRC
  4. Free hosting for your own servers such as gaming, radio stations, blogs, wikis, bots, and much more
  5. Add a new work experience for your CV/resume
  6. Help improve freedom on the internet

How to Apply

  1. Learn how to ask smart questions.
  2. Become familiar with our goals for IRC, our commitment to user freedom, and the UNIX philosophy.
  3. Connect to one of our servers using IRC and /join #team
  4. Chat with our sysadmins. If they would like your help, they will mentor you and invite you to work with their team.

Your Duties

  1. You must commit a minimum of 5 hours per week to help your team
  2. Help users with customer support, reporting abuse, marketing, documentation, and other non-coding tasks
  3. Help with the IRCNow Roadmap
  4. Optionally, you can help with third party software

Your Training

  1. Become familiar with our network policies
  2. Read up on our goals for IRC
  3. Read up on IRCNow's roadmap