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Grape is a part of the IRCNow network, an infrastructure for training the next generation of people who are in control of their computing. Come and learn how services work and have fun with us, guided in real time, effectively!

You can also help everyone create free (libre) local communication services to reduce monopolization and proprietary surveillance. Available services at IRCNow Grape:


  • Grape IRC chat server. A collaborative text chat platform with group chats in your topic of interest. Available on Windows, Mac, Linux, BSD, Android, iOS. Access our chat server at (opens in your IRC live chat client). If you don't have an IRC client, please view our guide to IRC. Our chat server is located in the US.


  • Grape shell accounts on OpenBSD. A shell account allows you to log in to our servers to run a chat bot such as eggdrop, or take part in web hosting or application development. Access details are provided upon successful registration.


  • We also host a Minetest game server on host, port 30000 , 30001, 30002, 30003. This is a free and open-source block game where the players can retrieve building materials from their environment to build shelter or a farm.


  • Grape IRC bouncer. An application that keeps you connected to IRC. Good for unstable or mobile connections, or to access the live chat from multiple devices. This can be connected to an unlimited number of networks. Our team may help you with the sign-up and configuration in your favourite chat client. Available on Windows, Mac, Linux, BSD, Android, iOS. Access details provided upon successful registration. This service includes custom vhost available by request. Our bouncer service is located in the US.

Provided you agree to the terms of service (IRCNow), you may request any of our services at #ircnow at your favourite IRC network. If it doesn't exist, please contact us at , and ask for your favourite network to be added. Come and say hi, and ask to register. Please name the service which you are interested in, and a volunteer will assist you shortly.

When clicked, the channels links open in your IRC client. If you don't have an IRC client, please view our guide to IRC.

Our services aim to be well maintained and stable. We welcome your feedback. It will be used to innovate and improve our services, develop new features, improve documentation, and make them easier to use and also more useful.

Additional instructions that we use in our work. This is for team members only, but if you're interested, you can read this too here.


  • Languages we speak include English, Russian, Urdu, Bangali, Dutch. Our team comprises a number of volunteer system administrators, who maintain the IRCNow Grape services in their free time: fizi, ERROR, gry, Miniontoby .

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