This document contains additional instructions that we use in our work. Please, be attentive and loyal to your users and colleagues.

Description of working with the user creation tool

Create user:

grape$ doas /usr/local/libexec/grape/ create user                                                                                    

Delete user:

grape$ doas /usr/local/libexec/grape/ delete user                                                                                    

Remember that the tool only creates the user and its folder tree. You need to finish the configuration manually (development is underway).

Description of working with the public repo creation tool

Create repo:

doas /usr/local/libexec/grape/ create user repo_name

[2020-09-09 05:02:49] CREATE_REPO: creating new git/got repo...
[2020-09-09 05:02:49] CREATE_REPO: creating an empty repository...
Initialized empty Git repository in /tmp/repos_manager.git/
[2020-09-09 05:02:49] CREATE_REPO: repository created successfully

git clone
git remote add grape ssh://

Delete repo:

doas /usr/local/libexec/grape/ delete user repo_name
[2020-09-10 03:06:51] DELETE_REPO: deleting git/got repo...
[2020-09-10 03:06:51] DELETE_REPO: repository found and will now be deleted
[2020-09-10 03:06:51] DELETE_REPO: repository deleted successfully

Please pass the instructions to the user. repo web sate: