Personalised VHOST

You can grab and go with a personalised host just in few steps.

1. visit

2. create an account with a valid email address. Note: you do need to verify. After verifying

3. Click on Subdomain link. Image 1 a page will open Image 2

Image 1

image 2

Note: There are a tons of domain hosted on this site. All you got to do is find a one which you like. Please keep it in mind the domain you pick it has to be a public domain.

4. Change Type: A to AAAA

5. Chance Subdomain name a name that you want and which will go with the rest of the host name. Example I picked "im"

6. Now you got to pick up a public domain name to complete your vhost. Example : i have picked "" which is a public domain name.

7. Now you need to put you ipv6 address to the Destination section. Example : My ivp6 address is 2001:550:3402:1:130::. To get your ipv6 address you need to contact any plum admin. ( can be found in #ircnow or #plum )

8. Fill up the captcha. The completed form will like like the Image bellow.

Image 3

Now click on save and it will take you to a page like bellow

image 4

Clicked on the marked link and it will open a list of domain names. Its a huge list you got there, all you got to do is pick up a domain name you like.

image 5

image 5

For server side configuration you need to inform your system admin your host name. If you are doing it through IRC that's will be easy. But if no system admin online or you cannot find any of them just send and email to with your name, BNC user-name and the host name you picked.