Connect with Termux

First, install Termux from F-droid.

NOTE: Although Termux is also available on Google Play, it is outdated. Google Play is not free software nor does it respect user data.

Open Termux:

Type the command below, but do not type the dollar sign $:

$ pkg install openssh
Do you want to continue? [Y/n] y

If you used Google Play instead of F-droid, termux may not be able to find openssh immediately. If so, you must type:

$ pkg upgrade
$ pkg install openssh

This will update the package repos, then install openssh.

After installation finishes, type (do not type the dollar sign $):

$ ssh

Replace username and with your username and server domain.

The first time you connect, termux will show a warning followed by SSH fingerprints. To be safe, you should double check that the fingerprints match with .

WARNING: If the fingerprints do not match, do not connect! Instead, report the error to your sysadmin. There may be a misconfiguration, or in rarer cases, a MITM attack?.

Enter your password:

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