For paid plans, payment must be received before the VPS can be used.

IRCNow does not guarantee any technical support for the VPS.

You may cancel at anytime. To cancel, please email support@ircnow.org. Cancellation must be received one week before the billing date. IRCNow cannot give partial month refunds.

IRCNow can terminate service without a refund for any violation of our terms.

  1. No copyright, trademark, intellectual property infringement
  2. No identity theft or fraud
  3. No malicious network activity
  4. No port scanning without permission
  5. No spam
  6. No cryptocurrency miners
  7. No pornographic content
  8. No tor exit nodes / relays
  9. No illegal drugs
  10. No death threats
  11. No gambling
  12. No slander/libel
  13. No activity that is illegal in the USA

The customer agrees to hold IRCNow harmless from any damages that result in complying with local law.

Any sites breaking the above rules may be subject to a $50 fine.

To report spam or abuse, please email abuse@ircnow.org.

IRCNow may set fair usage limits to prevent any one customer from using an excessive amount of resources.

IRCNow is not responsible for insecure passwords and software. Customers are responsible for all actions that occur under their account, whether authorized or not.

IRCNow do not guarantee any backups -- it is your own responsibility to back up your own data. IRCNow is not responsible for any damage or loss of data whatsoever except where required by law.

Contact and billing information must be complete, accurate, and up-to-date.

Except as specifically stated, IRCNow makes absolutely no warranties whatsoever.