Welcome to the Team!

Team Leaders:

  1. Assign and coordinate additional tasks to team members
  2. Before making changes that may cause downtime for users, follow the announcements guide to notify them.

Team Responsibilities

  1. Please use your team's services: dogfood!
  2. Take a look at your team's website. Are there any broken links? Are all your services advertised?
  3. After joining a team, you will need to create the following accounts:
    1. Create a ZNC account on your team's bouncer
    2. Create an email account (username@example.com) on your team's mail server
    3. Configure your mail server to forward emails sent from support@example.com to your email account
  4. Log all actions taken on the server. Either:
    1. Report each action on IRC to your team channel, or
    2. Email the entire team at support@example.com
    3. Set up a webpage / file to keep track of admin actions
  5. Before editing a configuration file, save a backup copy with a timestamp and serial number. For example, doas cp doas.conf doas.conf.2022042001. The timestamp is in the form of YYYYMMDD followed by two digits.
  6. Join your team's IRC channel, #example-team, and read your team email daily


  1. Join the networks and channels that your team offers to provide customer support on. Please use your team's bouncer or use an IRC client that can remain permanently online.
  2. Please add yourself as IRC operator to your team's ngircd. From now on, please connect to your team's IRC server and log in as oper. Join us on #opers for oper-related discussion
  3. Connect to your own IRC server to ensure it is running properly.
  4. Be present on #team to meet new teammates and to meet our new trainees.


  1. Use your own ZNC server. That way, if there are bugs, you will notice them right away.
  2. Follow the ZNC Admin and support guide
  3. If you see a user with frequent disconnects, fix his network connection
  4. If you see a user that has been banned, investigate abuse or request an iline.


  1. Please check support@example.com emails daily
  2. If your team has not yet done so, please set up either mail forwarding or a mailing list for support@example.com. That way, users can use their own individual email accounts rather than sharing a single account


  1. Please make sure your webpage is up-to-date and free of dead links
  2. For every service you add, please update your website to advertise them
  3. Please add a way for users to donate or pay for services. Offer at least one method for donations: liberapay, patreon, paypal, stripe, cryptocoins, or cash. List this clearly on your team's website.


  1. Please create your team wiki. IRCNow uses pmwiki but you are free to use any wiki software.


  1. Configure an IPSec VPN using openiked


  1. Make regular backups of your server using dump and restore and openrsync. Your team will be responsible for its own backups.


  1. Provide a way for users to pay for services or offer donations. Make sure to clearly list the donations link on your team website and on the IRCNow donations page. Keep this link up-to-date!