Connecting on Windows


Download and install the latest version of PuTTY. We recommend the 32-bit installer.

  1. Open PuTTY:
    1. Host Name: -- for example, if your username is john, and your server address is, then fill in
    2. Port: 22
    3. Click Open at the bottom.
  2. Verify the SSH host keys:
    1. You can consult the SSH Fingerprints page or check the DNS SSHFP records.
  3. Type in your password (the password is invisible):


For additional security, you can use a public/private key pair to login. This will avoid using passwords, which might be less secure.

  1. Generate the .ppk file:
  2. Paste the public key (the .ppk file) into ~/.ssh/authorized_keys
    Attach:puttygen02.png Δ
  3. Open PuTTY and load the key
    Attach:puttygen03.png Δ