Self taught programmer from Indonesia. And in |lecturify team.


Lives in a rented house with family (moved 6 times) and currently having a small shop with a family. Also having one young brother.

My timezone is GMT+07:00, Which i sleep at 22:00 or 00:30. I usually already online at 13:00.

Hardwares that i have

  • 1 COMPAQ Presario V3000 laptop (and currently use OpenBSD as daily driver)
  • A phone with 2 GB of RAM & 32 GB of internal storage, Using Termux to do most stuffs especially on remote SSHing, ffmpeg, code editing, and stuffs.
  • 3 VPSes.

Daily tasks

Nothing much other than scrolling through the internet. Somewhat lazy to do stuff like working on useless homework.

Things that i created

Things that i did for my team

  • Created team logo
  • Hosted WebIRC for team.
  • Fixed DNS issue that were conflicting with other teammates.
  • Succesfully upgraded our server more than twice.
  • Created VPSes for guests
  • Founded fedi.lecturify.net akkoma instance.
  • Founded XMPP server on lecturify.net.
  • Reconstructed our zone file, SSL, and relayd.

Things that i did in this wiki


I'm available in #yonle channel at the IRCNow network, yonle@conference.lecturify.net (muc) on XMPP, or in fediverse at yonle@fedi.lecturify.net.
You can also email me at yonle@lecturify.net