Plum is an IRCNow project -underdevelopment. A root to introduce the power of the users to control computing and internet.IRCNow provides an OPENBSD oriented training completely free of cost and PLUM@Team is trained and sponsored by IRCNow'''.

PLUM aims to create an user circle who will believe knowledge and knowledge based services can be shared for free as well as freedom of speech.


IRC:' PLUM@IRCNow is a chat server which is located in the heart of Europe. IRC is an old school text based chat platform with group chatter in their topic of interest. Available in a vast computing medium ( Windows, Mac, Linux, BSD, Android, iOS.)

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BOUNCER: PLUM@IRCNow offers an IRC Bouncer service. An application that keeps you connected on IRC so you would not miss anything on your favorite chat-room and topic. This can be connected to an unlimited number of networks. Our team provides a 24/7 support service to solve any issues an user may face in Windows, Mac, Linux, BSD, Android, iOS operating system.

VHOSTS: PLUM@IRCNow aiming to offer a vast range of vhost which match your identity or your interests. Which will make your appearance according to your character and your interests as well as your nickname. We can also set up a customise vhosts for you if you require.

PLUM@IRCNow is looking forward to introduce a few more services in future for users, which will enhance your entertainment and knowledge. As it's an underdevelopment project, we are open to your valuable suggestions. If you have any service to recommend please contact our team and we will get it onboard.

As we are a part of IRCNow, the terms and conditions of our services are as IRCNow. You must agree with the terms and conditions in terms of using it.

As an open network we are open to share our work ethics with users. You can find it here

This is the most interesting part of this long text. Users can seek and ask for help in NINE different languages including English. Available languages for support are spanish, portuguese, french, hebrew, arabic, bengali, hindi, urdu.


Team Members : Error | ^st13g | ^M | Be

channels : #ircnow, #plum

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