ZNC Modules

Suppose you want to install clientbuffer, a 3rd party module. Download the source code:

$ cd
$ ftp https://github.com/CyberShadow/znc-clientbuffer/archive/master.zip
$ unzip master.zip
$ mv znc-clientbuffer-master/{Makefile,clientbuffer.cpp} znc-1.8.2/modules/
$ cd znc-1.8.2/modules/
$ gmake
$ doas su mkdir /home/znc/home/znc/.znc/modules
$ doas cp clientbuffer.so /home/znc/home/znc/.znc/modules/
$ doas chown -R znc:daemon /home/znc/home/znc/.znc/modules/


Please don't use fail2ban for znc; one team tried to do it and immediately broke their web panel because fail2ban banned (which relayd uses):

20:37 <jrmu> help                                                                       
20:37 <*fail2ban> Attempts [count]: The number of allowed failed login attempts.        
20:37 <*fail2ban> Ban <hosts>: Ban the specified hosts.                                 
20:37 <*fail2ban> Help <search>: Generate this output                                   
20:37 <*fail2ban> List: List banned hosts.                                              
20:37 <*fail2ban> Timeout [minutes]: The number of minutes IPs are blocked after a      
                  failed login.                                                         
20:37 <*fail2ban> Unban <hosts>: Unban the specified hosts.                             
20:37 <jrmu> list                                                                       
20:37 <*fail2ban> 2                                                          
20:37 <jrmu> unban                                                            
20:37 <*fail2ban> Unbanned:                                                   
20:37 <jrmu> list                                                                       
20:37 <*fail2ban> No bans                                                               

I had to unload the module to restore web panel access.