ZNC Modules

ZNC supports a number of modules for adding additional features and functionality for admins and users. More information can be found here: https://wiki.znc.in/Modules. A more complete list of available modules can be found here: https://wiki.znc.in/Category:Modules.

Example Install

Suppose you want to install clientbuffer, a 3rd party module. Download the source code:

$ cd
$ ftp https://github.com/CyberShadow/znc-clientbuffer/archive/master.zip
$ unzip master.zip
$ mv znc-clientbuffer-master/{Makefile,clientbuffer.cpp} znc-1.8.2/modules/
$ cd znc-1.8.2/modules/
$ gmake
$ doas su mkdir /home/znc/home/znc/.znc/modules
$ doas cp clientbuffer.so /home/znc/home/znc/.znc/modules/
$ doas chown -R znc:daemon /home/znc/home/znc/.znc/modules/

Other Modules worth Investigating

  * https://wiki.znc.in/Clearbufferonmsg
  * https://wiki.znc.in/Clientbuffer
  * https://wiki.znc.in/Backlog
  * https://wiki.znc.in/Logsearch


Please don't use fail2ban for znc; one team tried to do it and immediately broke their web panel because fail2ban banned (which relayd uses):

20:37 <jrmu> help                                                                       
20:37 <*fail2ban> Attempts [count]: The number of allowed failed login attempts.        
20:37 <*fail2ban> Ban <hosts>: Ban the specified hosts.                                 
20:37 <*fail2ban> Help <search>: Generate this output                                   
20:37 <*fail2ban> List: List banned hosts.                                              
20:37 <*fail2ban> Timeout [minutes]: The number of minutes IPs are blocked after a      
                  failed login.                                                         
20:37 <*fail2ban> Unban <hosts>: Unban the specified hosts.                             
20:37 <jrmu> list                                                                       
20:37 <*fail2ban> 2                                                          
20:37 <jrmu> unban                                                            
20:37 <*fail2ban> Unbanned:                                                   
20:37 <jrmu> list                                                                       
20:37 <*fail2ban> No bans                                                               

I had to unload the module to restore web panel access.

Znc has some extra modules like tcl, python etc, if you want to active one or more of these modules for your znc the command would be ./configure.sh --enable-tcl --enable-python

for help or list of the options you can use ./configure --help

NB. you got to be in znc directory to issue this command.