OpenBSD 6.8 Sysupgrade Guide

This is a quick upgrade guide for OpenBSD 6.8 using sysupgrade.

NOTE: This guide is no substitute for reading the OpenBSD FAQ. In particular, you should read the Upgrade Guide.

First, check to see if you need to upgrade your OS. To find our your operating system version, type: uname -a. If it says OpenBSD 6.7 GENERIC#6 amd64, you need to upgrade. If it says OpenBSD 6.8 GENERIC.MP#98 amd64, you are on the most recent OS version.

Next, make sure to back up any files. Use dump and restore.

$ doas sysupgrade

The upgrade should begin automatically. You can view it in the serial console? for VMM? or in VNC for BuyVM.

To check if installation succeeded:

$ uname -a
OpenBSD 6.8 GENERIC.MP#98 amd64

To check if you have the proper amount of RAM and number of cores, run top?.

You will want to patch the system:

$ doas syspatch

Then, you'll want to run sysmerge to merge any configuration files:

$ doas sysmerge

Then, make sure to upgrade your packages:

$ doas pkg_add -u

Read and fix any error messages that you may see.

You will want to reboot after some patches:

$ doas shutdown -r now