When initially setting up oscommerce, one must first create a database and a user for said database, and the database server should be set to when installing oscommerce (not localhost) in order to function correctly.

Also make sure that /etc/resolv.conf has been coped to /var/www/etc, one can do so with the following command:

cp /etc/resolv.conf /var/www/etc

The SQL command to create a database is as follows:

CREATE DATABASE databasename;

The SQL command to create a user and grant said user permissions to use the database created previously are as follows:

GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON databasename.* TO "oscuser"@"localhost" IDENTIFIED BY "password";

After both are created, the permissions should be flushed with the following command:


The following section applies only if you are accepting cryptocurrency payments with globee: In globee module settings, make sure your currency is set to the fiat currency you're listing your prices in, for example if you're listing your prices in USD, make sure you type in USD and only USD, as by default many currencies are there (which should be erased).

You also must move your /etc/cert.pem into the chroot, which can be done with the following command:

mkdir -p /var/www/etc/ssl && cp /etc/ssl/cert.pem /var/www/etc/ssl