Common tasks to finish when training for Ircnow.Team:

A. Core part:

- vi or nano or any editor you like to use - create and edit a file in the command line

- openbsd.doas - create a non-root account and give it access to run commands as root

- Openbsd.nsd - install and add 'mytest' subdomain to your vps hostname address

- Openbsd.unbound - install

B. Web server things and encryption:

- openbsd.openhttpd - publish a 'hello world' web page

- openbsd.acme-client - make "https://your vps address" work without cert errors

- PHP - to be added (optional)

- kcgi (web coding in C) - to be added (optional)

C. IRC related:

- openbsd.ngircd - connect to your ircd and link it with someone else

- openbsd.hopm - check that it detects and bans tor

- openbsd.oidentd - install. check that it overrides users' preferences for username

D. Bouncer related (required C):

- openbsd.znc - create account for yourself and join a channel. log in the web panel once.

- Openbsd.Eggdrop - install and join to #test with any tcl plugin you like

- Openbsd.Vhost - connect to irc with a custom vhost once

- openbsd.oidentd - configure to use bouncer username for the user's ident

E. Bouncer and httpd related (requires B, C, D):

- openbsd.relayd - get a second subdomain; "https://your vps address" will show your httpd and "https://your other subdomain" will show your znc web panel

F. Email related:

- Openbsd.dovecot - receive a test message

- Openbsd.opensmtpd - send one email message from your vps to your personal email address; send to a gmail address and stay in inbox

G. Hosting code:

- gotweb - to be added

- sftponly + PHP web hosting (in production at orange) - tutorial to be added


- - follow the tutorial; successfully block port 1337 (plain text znc port) then unblock it;

- jrmu has some website for email compliance check

- Tutorial.Tutorial? - connect to our shell to complete interactive tutorials about shell and basic programming (skip this for now, work in progress)

- For the Orange team: ensure you have one nick on IRC for all bncs, so that in your absence others know which one to highlight or message

- ddos defense - to be added

- tcpdump - to be added

- netcat - to be added

- ping - to be added

- dig - to be added

- iked - to be added