NewsNow News Panel

What's this??

This is going to be an news reader feed, where every team on the ircnow team can put their own news things on.

It can be checked on multiply locations:

  • Shell, using the interface
  • IRC, using eggdrop bot
  • Browser, using RSS Feed Reader extension

How can I help??

If you want to help us with the News Panel, you need to go to our IRC and join channel #newsnow

You can introduce yourself that you want to help and where you are good in. (plz check the languages we are using in the topic below)

We will give you tasks in the code language you are good in

How does it work??

We are using multiply things to get this to work:

  • Ksh, for the shell read interface
  • RSS XML, for the feed data
  • Perl, for the reading out the data and use at the shell

I am in an team and I want an page for my news, What do I need to do??

If you are an team member, firstly discuss with your team and mostly your leader.

If it is wanted go to the Team signup page and add your team name


Follow the Install guide

How to use it?


Execute the command:

$ newsnow


Go to and see it on the web

Feed reader

Install an feed reader. Here we have documentated some.

From IRC

Go to #newsnow on the IRCNow network and use !newsnow <page>

Add colors:

Make an file in your home directory called '.news_colors_on':

$ touch ~/.news_colors_on

To remove to colors, simply remove that file:

$ rm ~/.news_colors_on

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