A shell script for creating web archives for mlmmj mailing lists. Mlmmj-archivist generates the web archives for the public mailing lists.


we need few packages to run this script
1. MHonArc.
2. rsync.
3. coreutils
also basic UNIX utilities: awk, cat, date, grep, install, sed and, of course, sh.

$git clone
$cd mlmmj-archivist
$sed -i -e "s:date --date:gdate --date:g"

what it does:
to run mlmmj-archivist on OpenBSD, GNU date needed. We will replace date in the script with gdate.

$make install

After completing the installation you should copy the configuration files mlmmj-archivist.conf.sample to mlmmj-archivist.conf, and mhonarc.mrc.sample to mhonarc.mrc, and tweak to your preference, prior to running the script. Both of the files can be found in /etc/mlmmj-archivist. ( well after installation ).

In mlmmj-archivist.conf change the following lines as your configuration. Dont forget to change the domain to your actual domain.

# the configuration for mlmmj-archivist

# the spool directory for mlmmj

# the web output directory

# the web url root

# the template name
# check /usr/local/share/mlmmj-archivist/templates for available templates

# the output language in ISO 639-1 (language) and ISO 3166 (country)
# format. utf-8 is used by default

# add list metadata (subscribers & messages count)
# boolean (true/false)

we need to create archivist directory in each active mailing list directory.

$mkdir archivist

mlmmj-archivist is designed to run from cron in predefined intervals. Since it creates archives incrementally it can be used with frequent intervals in busy hosts with many mailing list messages.

An example crontab entry for running mlmmj-archivist hourly:

5 * * * * /usr/local/bin/mlmmj-archivist