Minetest files can be found at

``` /home/minetest/minetest4/ ```

minetest.conf ``` /home/minetest/minetest4/minetest.conf ``` ==============================================

The executable command is

``` /home/minetest/minetest4/bin/minetestserver ``` Important: you must be *in* the pwd of /home/minetest/minetest4 to run the server. Use tmux or screen to have other terminals.


The world files are in ``` /home/minetest/minetest4/worlds/pineapple_server_3/ ``` ==============================================

The game files are in

``` /home/minetest/minetest4/games/aes_game ```

Do not edit the game files directly! They are all stored in the gitlab repo:

All changes should be commited to that repo, and pulled from the server. See "updating the game"