Depending on where you are, there will be laws and other rules governing the use of chemicals or other items, safe & proper disposal and use of chemicals, equipment, electronics etc.


As well as the legal considerations, there are also rules on health and safety which MUST be adhered to, these are there for your safety, and those charged with enforcing are there to help you.

In the United Kingdom we have the HSE or Health and safety executive.

Other countries will have their own departments and in the case of the USA each state may have their own departments too.

If handling chemicals, it is important to consult the safety information, this gives information on hazards, risks, disposal etc, an overview of Materials Data Safety Sheets (MSDS) can be found here.

Most suppliers will probably provide these when ordering chemicals. So it is important to store properly for future reference. A ring binder is ideal, along with index cards marked a-z. That way items can be found easily.