IRCNowd: An IRC Server Done Right

IRCNowd is an attempt to do an IRC server right. It is a fork of ngircd 26.1 which was developed under the GPL. Additional code are permissively licensed. It aims to remain portable with free and open platforms, to be easy to configure and administer, and also able to scale up to millions of users.

It is designed for use in an IRC federation.

Proposed changes:

  1. Add connection limit exemptions (ilines)
  2. Add scriptable filter for messages to block spam, obscenity. Scripting interface should support yahoo open nsfw; dynamically customizable per server
  3. Add +r restricted user mode for spam protection
  4. Add defcon mode: during a connection/join/part flood, all new users are automatically given +r user mode until the attack ends
  5. Add cloaking for IPv6 addresses
  6. Maybe drop PAM for user authentication.
  7. Drop support for non-free platforms like Mac OS X
  8. Allow closed loops in the network topology to end netsplits forever
  9. Fix buffer exhaustion issues
  10. Fix SSL connection issue