Improve infrastructure

High Priority

  • Finish porting new UI to dokuwiki
  • **Security hardening**
  • Updated security issues page?
  • PF hardening
  • Setup underprivileged user accounts for each $service with limited permissions
  • root should only be used as last resort
  • only root can use fdisk
  • configure doas properly
  • Check permissions
  • Implement **quotas/limits**</del>
  • Setup **openrsync** and **sftp** on
  • Define **Disaster Recovery Plan**
  • Automated backups
  • Restore testing
  • Discuss and vote on privacy policy
  • Replace **nsd** with **DelphinusDNSd**
  • Setup DNSSEC

Medium Priority

  • Setup **mx2**
  • Implement both mx across whole infrastructure
  • Setup **cgit** and **cvsweb**
  • Setup **snmpd**
  • Monitor:
  • Resource utilization (CPU, RAM, swap. Disk IOps and space) globally
  • Filesystem inconsistencies, SSD/HDD errors/failure trough sysutils/smartmontools
  • Stopped daemons
  • Failed backups
  • Failed scripts
  • Send email and/or output on #mon
  • **Block undesired content** (ads, porn, malware) with hosts/DNS
  • Blacklist current $domain A/AAAA records and block outgoing packets to those IPS
  • Implement ELIST functionality (advertise in RPL_ISUPPORT) for more flexible /LiST searching. See and for specification details. Added to medium because currently IRCCloud cannot gain the /LIST at all, and it is a widely used client/bouncer

Low Priority

  • Setup **CARP**
  • Write and deploy **compliance.ksh** to make sure our users are not breaking the terns they agreed)
  • Check processes
  • NSFW scanbot
  • Write and deploy IRC bot so users can easily request 1 or more services
  • !request [$service]
  • Invoke **$ircnowctl**
  • Write and deploy **ircnowctl** (k(sh) or perl)
  • Controller to automate:
  • **User management** (add/mod/del/suspend/ban)
  • Enable **ssh access** (pubkeys)
  • Update **DNS records**
  • **Quota management** (enable/disable/++/--)
  • Setup **chroot**
  • **Check and fix permissions**
  • **Service management** (add/del/suspend/ban)
  • Pipe to **$servicectl**
  • Setup **tor hidden services** for each service


  - Get added to:
  - <del></del> -- sent emails
  - -- can't find email or way to get added
  - <del></del> -- sent email
  - <del></del> -- emailed, waiting for approval
  - Get listed on
  - Post on stack exchange:
  - <del></del> -- Sent suggestion
  • For bouncer providers, get added here:
  • Get our IRC network listed:


  • Train opers in basic ngircd commands
  • Set up test ircd
  • Test out spam repos
  • Write anti-spam bots
  • Switch over to achurch's services, write anti-spam services

IRC services

  • MemeServ
  • HoneyServ
  • PasteServ
  • TrapServ
  • FileServ
  • KeyServ


  • Setup asterisk
  • Free sip accounts for everyone
  • Charge for public telephone calls
  • Charge for DIDs
  • Include SIP clients with IRC clients
  • Provide free TURN/STUN servers


  • Use oscommerce
  • Add organic food products
  • Add specialty handicraft goods

shell accounts

Implement ssh automated account creation:

Hosting plans?


  • write cronjobs to automate wraith, bnc, acme-client


  • Setup asterisk
  • Write documentation for SIP clients


  • set up irc hidden service
  • Add connection/join/nick flood protection
  • Add +r restricted user mode
  • Add defcon mode
  • Add censor lists for unregistered users
  • Verify hopm accuracy
  • Update terms of service
  • Fix /var/log/messages syslog messages for ngircd
  • Clean up patches
  • Nickserv/Chanserv flood protection
  • Migrate to atheme?
  • Add /ns and /cs aliases
  • Block nick juping


  • Add single sign-in


  • Write registration into app
  • Improve anycasting and redundancy


  • Switch to stagit
  • Import git repos


  • Fix spam filters


  • Add support for matrix
  • Add bitlbee support for slack, twitter, telegram, discord, signal
  • Improve bitlbee documentation
  • Add telegram/discord for bnc3
  • Research bitlbee-telegram usernames foreign charset problem


  • We want to build an open source competitor that can fight head to head with discord and Skype and TeamSpeak
  • Provide free SIP accounts using Asterisk. Connect asterisk to the PSTN using a provider like
  • Free unlimited video calls within the network, outbound calls charge 20-50% premium
  • Put SIP softphone client in our custom IRC client, make it run natively on every major OS plus web
  • Add speech2text module to transcribe all audio into text for IRC for people who don't like typing/on mobile phones
  • Bake a SIP client into minetest so that virtual world gamers can have audio calls with our irc users
  • Bridge SIP to mumble so we can interop with the large mumble community
  • Create IRC/Web interface for registering DIDs so users can purchase their own phone numbers and get voicemail. We can charge 20-50% premium for DIDs
  • Provide free TURN/STUN services
  • Make software so easy to install and configure, a 10 year old child could do it, then charge enterprises money to help them install it in-house


  • ban abjects, high times?
  • fix dns blacklist


  • Convert to IRCNow

Minetest Gaming

  • Set up final minetest servers
  • Switch over to Fogle's craft because of better MIT license for Apple iOS and locked platforms


Low Priority

  • Fileserv -- DCC
  • Pasteserv -- PRIVMSG
  • PM flood honeypot
  • Chan honeypot
  • NSFW scanbot
  • Write IRC games
  • Write IRC messenger for Android, iOS, and web


  • Add contact lists
  • Add file upload

Squirrel mail

13:39 < gry> after clicking send the page stays there for a 
             few secs, i feel tempted to click send again
13:39 < gry> this might result in messages being sent twice


  • mh approved 50 per IPv6 and 50? ipv4 on ircnet
  • available on,, (not ssl), and