IRCNOW perl 5 Library.

There is a perl library containing useful functions for using IRCNOW accounts, databases, logs, and other data sources useful for server administration. It is designed to be installed on servers in the IRCNOW federated network. It is intended for use in irc bots, cli tools, web interfaces, or whatever you may wish to develop.


The code is available on the server.

Library Specifics


A library for managing IRCNOW database connections and tables. It provides some useful generic functions for accessing and doing common tasks with database tables.



A library and base class for log parsers. It is aware of and provides access methods for the database but I intend for it to also be useful just as a parsing engine of the raw log files. Its currently dependent on IRCNOW::Database but plan to make it optional at some point.


A library to provide some basic IO functions. It contains file read/write functions from botnow and the debug() log output functions and constants from botnow. Each can be selectively loaded into your program via the following export tags:

use IRCNOW::IO qw(:DEBUG);

Subs: debug() Constants: NONE INFO ERRORS WARNINGS ALL Variable: $verbosity


Subs: readarray(), readstr(), writefile(), appendfile()