Network Science Foundation

IRCNow's policy is always to create new economic opportunities for our users. In the past, this has meant helping users learn new skills through virtual labs. Increasingly, it will now also include coding courses. These economic opportunities are essential to helping our users find work, to keep our network a thriving LAN of opportunity and freedom.

Today, we spend most of our time cloning non-free software that already exists, to make them free and open. Basic science funding, however, is being cut at every public institution in the world. More and more, scientific knowledge is becoming closed and non-free private property. At some point, however, we will no longer be able to rely on ideas invented by other institutions. To create new job opportunities for our users, we must pursue and explore new frontiers of science. This new frontier must be made available and open for all our users to develop.

New jobs, products, and services all depend upon a flow of new scientific knowledge. This new knowledge can be obtained only through basic research.

So we begin to work on setting up a research institution at IRCNow, with the hopes that will expand the frontier of knowledge.

Inspired by Science, The Endless Frontier by Vannevar Bush