Why Our Servers Must Remain United

Having a single, united network is essential to the well being of the free and open source community. Without unity, we would become enemies, stealing and fighting from each other rather than working together to compete against proprietary networks.

Networks in general will steal from each other any time they might benefit from it.
If our network is dissolved, then the bonds of friendship, which is shared by our free and open source users, would be broken. Our servers would turn into rivals, enemies.
Haven't we already seen enough of these false promises of a golden age of decentralization? False promises that rival servers (and their users) would remain friends and be free from greed, pride, and evil?
One united network with one united user community, attached to the same love of freedom. By their joint effort, they have established a network of liberty.
Safety is the most powerful motivation behind a network's policies. Even a passionate love of decentralization will, after a time, give way to this demand.
The strength of our network is essential to our liberty. History teaches us that a poorly defended network is much more likely to result in tyranny.
No one respects the neutrality of a network despised for its weakness.

Centralization is beneficial to users when there are proper checks and balances placed on the power of staff.

We code not to enslave, but to set a network free, and to make room upon the Internet for users to live in.