A Free Network

Modern society is becoming completely dependent upon software. But as time goes on, the vast majority of this information is becoming the private property of just a handful of corporations. We are losing our freedoms and being oppressed by these powerful monopolies.

In order to reclaim our freedom, we must guarantee that users have free software. This means users have:

  1. The freedom to **use** the work
  2. The freedom to **study** the work
  3. The freedom to **modify** the work
  4. The freedom to **share** the work

...for any purpose, without fee, without requiring permission.

However, free software is not enough in the modern world. It takes more than just code in order to create a free community. It takes servers, staff, and money to constantly maintain and provide the internet services that we all depend upon. Software by itself is useless without a thriving and healthy community. We the users must create an alternative, free network that anyone in the world can join.

To have a free network:

  1. All network software must be free software to allow forks
  2. The network government must have a system of checks and balances to prevent abuse
  3. Each server should be allowed to govern itself
  4. Staff should be chosen by voting
  5. Staff can be impeached for abuse of power
  6. A bill of rights is provided to protect privacy and prevent arbitrary rule
  7. Proper respect is given to God to ensure public morality

To accomplish this, IRCNow has a federation of servers? under a constitutional government?.