Our network does not require the purchase of expensive, closed-source software to run. You do not need to pay hundreds of dollars for a legal copy of Windows or iOS, nor do you need to steal any software illegally. Our network is guaranteed to work with open source tools so that you do not need to spend any money to get basic internet services. We also work hard to ensure backwards compatibility with older, outdated software, so that users do not have to buy new hardware. This ensures that anyone, regardless of income or status, can join and participate.

In this day and age, the global Internet is breaking up into regional blocs: a small intranet for China, another for Russia, another for the USA. IRCNow is different; we welcome all users from any country and language. While our common language is English, we do our best to provide services to people of any language and culture. We do our best to legally connect people across different national boundaries to create a truly global network. This can be done because open internet services are often not subject to political sanctions.