08:42 < jrmu> The reason I gathered everyone here in #council is because my vision for

              IRCNow is to make it a network where the users have control, a network of 
              the user, by the user, for the user

08:42 < jrmu> I consider this network an experiment in self government. But as we all

              know, democracies are full of chaos and anarchy, and many democratic 
              experiments end up in total failure

08:43 < jrmu> Now I have spent quite a lot of time studying the history of different

              political forms from many nations, and my conclusion is that the best 
              models for us are Rome and America, those two being the largest and 
              strongest republicans in history

08:43 < jrmu> republics* 08:44 < jrmu> If we succeed here, we will have created the first digital self-governing

              community of users -- I am not aware of any other that exists in this