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Welcome to IRCNow Fig

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Fig is one of IRCNow servers by the users for the users. We learn and explore Unix and sysadmin every day. Our available services are listed below.


You can connect and chat on IRCNow from our server, on port 6667 (no SSL) or port 6697 (with SSL). You can also hang out with us on #Fig.


A bouncer (BNC) is used to keeps you connected to IRC networks. You can request a Fig BNC account by joining #Fig on IRCNow and send !bnc to the channel. A bot named Fig will give you the instruction on getting an account. Note that you are only allowed to have only one BNC account from IRCNow. If you already have an account on another server, you are not allowed to get more.

Want to join us?

We have a cool ksh environment for admins in our team. In order to join Fig, you need to apply IRCNow first. After you finished the training, you can choose a team to join!

Want to support?

We appreciate your willingness to support us. You can donate to Fig here. All donations will help us in upgrading the server and spending on resources.


Our team members are: Chewbakka85, Sami, Noxturnix, allen and our newest member w|z

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