[03:20:53] <jrmu>
[03:20:57] <jrmu> WMF Board considering the removal of Jimmy Wales' trustee position amid controversy over future of community elections
[03:21:00] <jrmu> The Wikimedia Foundation may be inching toward removing the board seat of its founder Jimmy Wales against his objections, amid a controversy over planned bylaws changes that according to Wales may greatly reduce community influence on the organization and risk "takeover by outside interests who do not understand our values." 
[03:21:06] <jrmu> wikimedia coup d'etat
[03:21:20] <jrmu> Jimmy Wales: "In the past few years, there have been several crises that have made it increasingly clear to me: the biggest problem on the board is not a lack of professional expertise, but rather a lack of community representation and control. [...] 
[03:21:25] <jrmu> "In this week's discussion on Facebook" - wait, we're holding governance discussions on Facebook now, rather than on-wiki? Mike Peel (talk) 19:42, 29 November 2020 (UTC)
[03:21:36] <jrmu> Re. "wait, we're holding governance discussions on Facebook now...?"  yes, apparently we they are. Rebranding brainstorming was on FBook, Movement Strategy drafting was in Google Docs, and UCoC draft review was via (I think?) weekly video conference with very brief minutes/summaries posted on-wiki