Learn BCHS

Majority to be implemented in C with help from Perl. Not C++.

Eggdrop will be a first class citizen with full support because it uses C and has an enormous library of premade scripts Our current relay pylink will be phased out with a custom bot built either by forking eggdrop or forked from ii/sic

I have no plans to support CPAN because users find the installation and configuration process confusing, and because many cpan modules are now very old. A lot of CPAN also requires teaching OOP which is not trivial for novices to use properly and would eat up a lot of time. The IRC ecosystem for perl is also much smaller than eggdrop's and user demand is much less.

I plan to allow users to run python bots such as limnoria, sopel, as well as install nodejs, rust, ruby, and go, but I do not plan to offer any support. I also do not plan to offer any support for perl bots, nor do I want to depend upon software like weechat for bots.

My goal is to streamline all the software to just use one language -- C -- and if scripts are necessary, just a tiny touch of korn shell and perl. This is so that we can have a true citizen militia. The only way to accomplish this is by training the users in the language so they can write the code and not just use it, and we only have enough time at this moment for one language -- C. But since almost everything on openbsd is C, learning that one language is enough.