15:02 <@jrmu> what i want is not a regular webchat but
15:02 <@jrmu> i want a cgi script
15:02 <@jrmu> a simple cgi script
15:02 <@jrmu> all it does is write to a text file
15:02 <@jrmu> then the server itself handles all of the actual irc chat
15:02 <@jrmu> the real backend is the bnc
15:02 <@jrmu> but the webchat is nothing more than a simple cgi form
15:02 <@jrmu> 100% of the brain is on the server
15:02 <@jrmu> the web client is just a simple cgi form with slick graphics
15:04 <@jrmu> does that make sense?
15:04 <@jrmu> the reason I want this is because a stupid cgi form will work on every 
              single stupid browser on the market
15:04 <@jrmu> it will work on 100% of web browsers on ancient windows 98
15:04 <@jrmu> and decade old android phones
15:05 <@jrmu> it'll work on internet explorer 6 if we should have the misfortune of 
              encountering it