[11:47:03] <jrmu> [11:47:09] <jrmu> `` Avoid master/slave terminology '' [11:47:49] <jrmu> ``For diversity reasons, it would be nice to try to avoid "master" and

 "slave" terminology which can be associated to slavery.''

[11:48:09] <jrmu> [11:48:14] <jrmu> ``The Redis community wrestled with this last year. In 2014, Drupal, after some argument, swapped the terms "master" and "slave" for "primary" and "replica." The same year, Django traded "master" and "slave" for "leader" and "follower." CouchDB carried out a similar linguistic purge, also in 2014.'' [11:49:02] <jrmu> I mean these words in my opinion make little difference [11:49:09] <jrmu> people can call it primary or replica if they want, I don't really care [11:49:36] <jrmu> but it's a pretty useful litmus test to see if the group is bent on doing reverse discrimination [11:50:20] <jrmu> I would recommend either forking or altogether avoiding any software project that is pushing these term changes [11:50:23] <jrmu> as a defensive precaution