Internet service providers have the power to collect a tremendous amount of metadata: your legal name, age, email, social media accounts, photos, residential address, and browsing history. They have the power to profile you based on a wide array of fingerprinting techniques. On most networks, anonymity is impossible.

There are many dangers that could result from an abuse of this data. Identity theft, online harassment, selling data to advertisers are just a few of the many possible abuses of private data.

gry's Proposal

Do not share data, with or without a reward, to 3rd parties. Three excuses to break this rule:

  1. Can share as an opt-in, with the ethical cause, and with clear completely voluntary consent of the affected users (examples A/B testing, data about how the software is being used, statistics about language etc - only in cases when this is useful for improvement of the service, and only with users who agreed to participate).
  2. It is allowed to report illegal activity to 3rd parties, including law enforcement.
  3. People who repeatedly break the rules of IRCNow while using IRCNow services may be reported to their Internet Service Provider or other entities who provide repeated access.