[05:15:30] <jrmu> http://archive.flossmanuals.net/bypassing-censorship/ch011_get-creative.html
[05:15:33] <jrmu> Use either very old or very new technology
[05:15:42] <jrmu> Sometimes a censor's filtering and monitoring techniques are only applied to current standard Internet protocols and services, so consider using very old or very recent technology that may not be blocked or monitored. Before the advent of instant messaging (IM) software (Windows Live Messenger, AIM, etc.) group communication was performed using Internet Relay Chat (IRC), a protocol that allows real-time 
[05:15:51] <jrmu> Internet text messaging. Although less popular than its successors, IRC still exists and is still widely used by a big community of Internet users. A bulletin board system (BBS) is a computer running software that allows users to connect, upload and download software as well as other data, read news, and exchange messages with other users. Originally users would call a telephone number using their modems to 
[05:15:57] <jrmu> access these systems, but by the early 1990s some bulletin board systems also allowed access over Internet interactive text protocols, such as Telnet and, later, SSH.