[10:57:13] <jrmu> _ke Green (Swedish: [___k_ __re_n]; born 3 June 1941) is a Swedish Pentecostal Christian pastor who was prosecuted, but acquitted, under Sweden's law against hate speech because of critical opinions on homosexuality in his sermons. The district court found him guilty and sentenced him to one month in prison. The sentence was appealed to the court of appeals (hovr_tt). On 11 February 2005, the G_ta [10:57:20] <jrmu> Court of Appeal overturned the decision and acquitted _ke Green. On 9 March, the Prosecutor-General (Riks_klagaren) appealed this decision to the Supreme Court, which on 29 November also acquitted [11:00:36] <jrmu> in the USA, it is unconstitutional to arrest someone like this