[07:51:00] <jrmu> [07:51:18] <jrmu> Seems OVH is really strict against IRC; another reason for not dependi ng on cloud providers UK Police tell people to report _extremist_ friends and relatives Medium suspends human rights activist Jennifer Zeng after she publishes article about Dominion Voting machines

BuyVM and also aliendata

[01:51:53] <jrmu> [01:52:00] <jrmu> Wikipedia's founder Jimmy Wales has revealed new details about what he describes as the site's "censorship" under the EU's "right to be forgotten" laws. [01:52:09] <jrmu> Wikipedia swears to fight 'censorship' of 'right to be forgotten' [01:52:23] <jrmu> Announcing its first transparency report, Wikipedia reveals that Google has received five requests to remove links to its pages [01:52:36] <jrmu> “History is a human right and one of the worst things that a person can do is attempt to use force to silence another,” he said. “I’ve been in the public eye for quite some time. Some people say good things, some people say bad things … that’s history, and I would never use any kind of legal process like to try to suppress it.”