21:24 <~jrmu> I plan to use dcc for file upload 21:24 <~jrmu> you would dcc your file to a bot 21:24 <~jrmu> the bot would dump it to a web folder 21:24 <~jrmu> and paste the URL 21:24 <~jrmu> that is how i plan to do in-band file upload 21:24 <~jrmu> this will work with every single irc client out there 21:24 <~jrmu> no need to use irccloud 21:25 <~jrmu> so dcc is essential to my strategy for file upload 21:25 <~jrmu> i figure i can also shove a lot of signaling and other data via dcc 21:25 <~jrmu> you could dcc chat in lieu of pastebin 21:25 <~jrmu> initiate a dcc chat to upload your code 21:25 <~jrmu> the bot would then paste a url 21:25 <~jrmu> ok thank you Testah 21:25 <~jrmu> this to me seems a much more elegant solution 21:26 <~jrmu> than building a web browser into every single irc client 21:26 <~jrmu> it has the advantage that it will work on irssi, ircII, weechat, mirc 6,

              and all sorts of ancient irc clients

21:26 <~jrmu> DCC is there, we might as well use it